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02 September 2021

6 Ways To Improve Flexibility

The workouts you do in the gym or at home, along with diet, hydration, and lifestyle choices, may have an enormous influence on how flexible you are. Yup. Forcing your body into pretzels or bent-over-toe touches for hours at a time won't make your limbs flexible.

More than merely injury prevention, improving your bending skill is essential. Strength and size gains are aided by stretching exercises. It's not uncommon for a lifter to spend their entire day outside the gym slumped forward in front of the computer, further eroding any possibility of maintaining good posture. Maintaining good posture helps to show off your hard-earned body. In building muscle, proper flexibility goes hand-in-hand with full-range of motion workouts like squats and deadlifts. The tightness in your hips and shoulders might make it difficult for you to maintain posture and health, so start working on being flexible.

Take a methodical approach to gain new ranges of motion and preventing bad posture with the following rules rather than improvising.

1. Before working out, do a dynamic warm-up

Long stretches before exercising are essentially obsolete. According to research, static stretching is not as effective as active stretching before working out. Before you begin your lifting or cardio workout, perform some bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, lunges, jumping jacks, and even squats. Warm-up your whole body by doing three sets of each action for 20-30 repetitions.  This sort of warm-up should leave you in a light sweat and ready to face begin your exercise.

2. Make a range of motion a priority

You may gain strength by using partial ranges of motion, but if you want to improve your flexibility, try to employ the complete range of motion for each exercise. In squats, for example, going deep into the squat helps to develop hip If you're learning a new maneuver, start with lesser weights and work your way up to heavier weights.

3. Add a massage

In developing flexibility, stretching and exercising with a complete range of motion may do wonders, but massage has the added benefit of helping to break up knots in muscles and tissues that limit movement. To prepare the body for action, foam rolling before and after a workout may remove waste products from exercise and speed up recovery time for your next session. The calves, quadriceps, upper back, lats, and IT bands are the most important muscle groups to target when exercising. Get some extra relief by working with an experienced masseuse once or twice each month to compliment your flexibility regimen.

4. Take a moment to unwind

If you're stressed, your body tightens like a big, knotted ball. Combining the regular stress from work and family with a handful of hard workouts a week is a formula for catastrophe. Relaxing activities should be done a few times every week to help you relax. Even a brief walk might help you unwind after a long day. By taking a break from tension, you will relax your muscles and prevent them from tensing up and restricting your mobility.

5. Learn how to breathe properly

Weightlifters use their rib cage far too much for breathing, which does not allow them to fully activate their diaphragm during exercise." Use belly breaths instead, where the belly button goes in and out with each breath instead of a chest breath. To get a more relaxed and stress-free posture, spend five minutes every single day focusing on refining your breathing patterns.

6. Keep yourself hydrated

A substantial portion of our muscular mass is made up of water. Flexibility training only works if our muscles are performing effectively. And hydration is a big part of that. Many people are chronically dehydrated. Be sure to drink enough water, especially before and after strenuous workouts, to maintain your muscles functioning properly and avoid performance decreases because of dehydration.

09 June 2021

 7 Best Workout Headphones To Pump Your Favorite Jam

Nothing beats hearing your favorite tunes through a quality pair of headphones – until you couple it with some sprints, tuck jumps, or whatever else motivates you.

Wearable speaker technology has gone a long way, with significant advancements in sound quality, aesthetics, and affordability. However, not all sets are appropriate for all types of exercisers, so we've compiled a list of our best new headphones based on the sort of athlete you are.

1. Bose SoundSports Free

These earphones, one of our top selections, deliver clean sound, thundering bass, and a long battery life (up to 15 hours with the included charging case). Distance runners and cyclists must be resistant to weather and sweat.

Side benefit: These handy tiny speakers come with trackers, allowing you to track lost buds using the Bose Connect app.

Buy Bose SoundSport free.

2. JBL Endurance PEAK

These earphones give a lot for their inexpensive price. We scored them high points for overall value because of their numerous appealing characteristics, which include a 12-hour battery life, ergonomic fit, finely tuned sound, waterproof certification, and simple touch control knob that enables for simple playlist browsing at the touch of a finger.

Buy JBL Endurance PEAK headphones.

3. Powerbeats

In Dre's distinctive crimson, these Beats headphones pack a powerful punch. Their battery life lasts up to 15 hours, with adjustable ear hooks, and are water-resistant enough to manage runs during and beyond the rain.

Because of the clever stay-put design, you won't have to worry about them bouncing all over the place. Plus, they're just plain awesome. Style is a 10/10.

Buy Powerbeats.

4. Urbanears Luma

Speaking of amazing designs and exciting color options, Urbanears' new product, the Luma headphones, is available in Ultra Violet and Field Green.

These truly wireless earbuds give an astounding 25 hours of gameplay on each charge and blast out the exceptional sound quality. For two-a-day and lengthy runs, they are a fashionable, practical pick.

Buy Urbanears Luma Headphones.

5. Sony WF-SP800N

These fashionable buds are available in a variety of eye-catching colors. They're comfy and waterproof/sweatproof, making them ideal for cycling, jogging, and other outdoor activities.

Side benefit: These earphones link to Alexa, so if she's the AI in command of your life, you'll love them!

Buy Sony WF-SP800N Headphones.

6. Apple Airpods Pro

Apple's AirPods Pro Orebuds, one of the most costly items on our list, are honored to note.

We are delighted that Apple has upgraded its appearance to this much slicker design and you cannot match the seamless integration on your phone and watch if you are an Apple customer. If Siri is your jam, those earphones will more than any other on this list complement your life.

Buy Apple Airpods Pro Headsets.

7. Sony WF-XB700

If deep bass gives you a spring in your step, the Sony WF-XB700 earphones are a natural option. They feature a remarkable 18 hours of powerful, booming 808 sound when used in conjunction with their charging case.

These wireless buds also communicate with your smartphone's assistant for hands-free operation, and we love the teal tones in the blue variant. These earbuds are lightweight and tiny, making them ideal for and out of the gym.

Buy Sony WF-XB700 Headphones.