31 August 2020

Why Dancing For Exercise Is More Fun


By Michel Maling

If you hate exercising the traditional way in the gym, why not try some dancing. You are bound to find a style that will suit you.

There are many different forms of dancing, and there is something for every taste and style. It is just a matter of finding the style that is right for you.

If you are the type of person who likes slow controlled forms of exercising like martial arts or Pilates, then you will more than likely enjoy ballet. Ballet movements are also slow, controlled and very focused. What women doesn't want to have the lean lines and flexibility of a professional ballet dancer.

Ballet, even though it is slow and controlled, is not at all an easy choice, but if you like the discipline of getting things perfect, you will love it. Ballet exercises develop your poise and flexibility, as well as condition and tone up all the key muscle groups. Ballet is weight bearing, as you stand the entire class, so your bone density will be improved. It will help with posture related headaches and back pain as you get older.

A ballet class will take a lot of endurance and control, but the results will amaze you.

Hip Hop dancing is another popular exercise choice. It's fun, cardio and strength training all rolled up into one workout. Hip hop may look quite freestyle, but it is actually built up from well established movements which involve popping (contracting and relaxing muscles), locking (freezing a pose), krumping and cutting.

In a hip hop class you will start out by learning the basic movements, and then it is up to you to listen to the music and mix up the combos to create your own style and dances. Completing the combinations will give you a sense of achievement and because the movements are so fast, your brain as well as your heart will get a great workout.

Keep your body loose and your chest low to get the most out of your hip hop workout. This in turn will give your thighs, calves, butt and back a serious workout. You will also build stronger bones, as you are constantly stressing your bones with explosive movements.

The joy of dancing for exercise is that it is so much fun. Only when the music stops and you walk out of the class will you realize that you have just given your body a great all over workout.

Michel Maling has enjoyed dancing all her life. She teachers classical ballet, hip hop, and modern.

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