30 June 2020

What To Avoid When You Want To Lose Weight

By Susan Kersley

Losing weight isn't easy and there are thousands of books telling you what to do, but it can be a challenge. So how can you make it easier on yourself to avoid temptation to eat more than you want and need to eat?

1. Takeaways
When you're tired and don't feel like preparing your own meals it's very tempting to buy a takeaway. Of course once in a while is fine because balance in all things is a good principle to live by. However they are likely to be very high fat and extremely high calorie, neither of which do you want if you are attempting to lose weight.

Avoid the need for takeaways by making sure you have ingredients at home with which you can prepare a quick nutritional and not fattening meal very quickly. For example if you have a microwave, some potatoes and a time of baked beans or a carton of cottage cheese you can make a meal in less than ten minutes.

2. Getting too hungry
It's better for your general health and your weight-loss journey especially, if you avoid going for long periods of time without any food. If you have a small snack in between meals you will maintain your blood sugar at a good level and be able better to resist eating too much when you get to the next meal. Suitable healthy snack might be a piece of fruit with a few nuts or an oatcake or rice cake with a thin spread of peanut butter.

3. Too much alcohol
Alcohol is best kept to a minimum when you are trying to lose weight because not only does it have a calorie value without any nutritional benefit but if you have excessive alcohol you make either be depriving yourself of essential nutrients or be less likely to make suitable decisions about what to eat or what to avoid.

4. Ready prepared meals
You needn't avoid these completely and having a few of these in your freezer might be a good alternative to having a takeaway. However avoid having them regularly because they tend to be have high fat and high salt. So read the labels carefully so you are more aware of their nutritional value, if any.

5. Easy access to unhealthy and fattening foods.
If you don't buy it then you are less likely to eat it! If you want to cut down your intake of biscuits, cakes and sweets then don't buy any.

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