31 May 2020

Why the Most Effective Collagen Line Filler Is Not Injectable

By Laurel Levine

It would seem to make sense that the answer to eliminating wrinkles is a collagen line filler, whether it be through clinical injections or an over the counter topical product. Collagen, along with elastin and hyaluronic acid, is after all what keeps your skin full and firm. What is the best way for you to increase your tissue store in order to guarantee that is skin remains as smooth as possible?

Over the years the collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid that kept your skin firm and full in your youth begins to disappear more and more rapidly. The collagenase, elastase, and hyaluronidase enzymes break your tissue and polymer down at an alarming rate. These enzymes cost you roughly one percent of your total body collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid content per year, and declining production only makes matters worse.

It is the loss of tissues and polymer that causes the lines and wrinkles to form in your skin, and that causes your skin to begin to sag. It is what drives people to seek out an effective collagen line filler, hoping against all odds to hold on to their youthful appearance. Neither clinical injections nor over the counter anti aging formulas that seek to raise tissue levels may be the answer that you need however.

Those that choose to go with clinical injections often find that these expensive treatments don't give them the results they are after. These expensive treatments are often not provided by those with the most experienced hands. Injections given either unevenly or too superficially can result in the recipient ending up with lumps in their skin, which then must be treated with enzymes.

It takes as long as two weeks before these enzymes fully break this collagen line filler, and once that is done you have to have the tissue injected all over again. Even with the problems that can ensue when injecting tissue directly into the skin, at least you end up with positive results. The collagen provided by topical anti aging products won't even enter the skin, because the molecular density of the substance is too great.

That doesn't necessarily have to mean that expensive injections with collagen line filler are simply superior to topical anti aging products. There are some wrinkle reducing formulas available that combine a protein complex and enzyme synthesis called Cynergy TK, and a nano-emulsion form of coenzyme Q10 known as Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10 to resolve wrinkles. These compounds stimulate heavier production of collagen and elastin.

Another thing about injections is that the tissue is still subject to the decomposition through enzyme activity, which is why treatments need to be repeated. The formulas that feature Cynergy TK and Nano-Lipobelle provide a measure of protection for your tissues and polymer. Grape seed oil and Phytessence Wakame kelp extract greatly inhibit the destructive activity that breaks your tissue and polymer down.

Make no mistake about it. There really is no better collagen line filler than the products featuring these four incredible ingredients. There simply isn't a downside to using them.

Laurel is a long time user and passionate advocate of natural skin care products. 

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