16 March 2020

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and How to Recover From It Naturally

By Madeleine Innocent

Post traumatic stress disorder is a very debilitating condition to have. It's hard on you, it's hard on your family. The cause is that you have been involved with, or witnessed an intense, sudden and life threatening situation. And you have become stuck there.

By knowing what caused your post traumatic stress disorder, means that you are half way to resolving it. Many suffer the same symptoms, but don't know what the cause was. It's too long ago, buried too deep.

The most common traumatic experiences that are so sudden and so intense are in war situations or earthquakes. Or a tsunami. Maybe something a bit more personal, but just as intense, such as an accident.

One of the fastest and gentlest ways that I know of to help you resolve this unenviable condition is to visit a professional homeopath. They will be able to give you the best help available, as homeopathy works by treating the cause of the problem.

You already know that.

But you can also help yourself. It will be slower, but still very effective. Purchase the homeopathic medicine Aconite and take a dose every time the anxiety appears. Over time, this will lessen and may disappear altogether.

However, due to the incapacitating nature of this malady, professional help is the fastest and most effective way to go.

Treating post traumatic stress disorder homeopathically makes such good sense. By treating the cause, rather than the effect, the problem melts away, as if you had never had it. You're not even left with any residual symptom to remind you.

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