12 March 2020

How to Increase Testosterone Naturally

By Carolyn Hansen

There is always a lot of buzz about women's hormones, but you hear very little about men and the state of their hormones. To make matters worse, men do not tend to seek or share this information like women do. Men don't go out for coffee with their buddies and talk about their hormones. Few people appreciate the damaging effects that low levels of the very important hormone testosterone have on men's general health.

The facts are that as men get older, they lose their testosterone. The loss of youthful levels of testosterone and the onset of its associated symptoms is a gradual process starting at around age 30. A decline of 1-3% per year is normal which means a drop of around 20% by age 50. By the time a man reaches 80 he has as much testosterone left as a 10-year-old boy.

Low levels of this hormone can cause many symptoms that are often written off as being part of the aging process such as low self-esteem, loss of lean muscle mass and bone density, weight gain, lack of mental alertness, hair loss, mood swings and lack of energy.

Men can experience a sense of being 'down in the dumps' along with a sense that work, marriage, or recreational activities have lost their excitement and significance. Strength, energy, and zest for living slowly dwindle away along with the loss of youthfulness.

One of the factors that low testosterone levels cause is an increase in body fat often around the abdominal area. If you have tried to lose this fat but it won't shift it could be because of low testosterone. This hormone is important in retaining a healthy body composition (muscle/fat ratio) and levels will need to be boosted with proper exercise to enable weight to be lost. The right exercise program will preserve or even increase lean muscle tissue to keep the metabolism (the body's engine) firing.

Constant fatigue and lack of energy from lack of proper exercise and poor nutrition are well documented however, low testosterone is also one of the major causes of fatigue, and low levels of motivation to be active. Yet this is the very thing that is needed. A proper exercise program that contains mostly strength training exercise is just what will kick those lazy hormones into action rejuvenating a man's entire quality of life.

Low testosterone levels correlate with more risk factors of heart disease and other serious 'lifestyle diseases' such as cancer and diabetes and at least 50 others than any other individual factor in the male body. So it is vitally important that a proper exercise program is undertaken to reverse the changes that low levels of this vital hormone causes.

Strength training exercise is the only way to address the negative changes in body composition. Do not expect recreational type activities such as walking, jogging or cycling to have the muscle building and maintaining benefits that only strength training can provide. You can still do these activities as part of an active lifestyle but they can never ever replace a proper exercise program.

There is a huge amount a man can do to help his waning 'youth' hormones naturally.
Just 2-3 sessions each week with the help of a fitness professional and a proper exercise program will go a long way to reversing almost all of the symptoms of declining hormone levels. You will be rewarded with an increase in the quality of your entire life that you will scarcely imagine.

Carolyn Hansen is a certified fitness expert and fitness center owner who coaches clients to look and feel younger. In her nearly 30 years of fitness and bodybuilding competition experience, she has helped thousands of people start their journey towards being strong, fit and youthful at any age.

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