11 March 2020

Exercising When Pregnant: The Do's and Don'ts

By Lisa A Mason

Being pregnant doesn't mean that you can't still be active. In fact, exercising when pregnant is recommended to help women stay healthy, maintain weight control and to make the delivery a little easier. Of course, the rules associated with exercising begin to change the further along you get to ensure the safety of the baby.

There are some things that you can continue doing or start doing for the first time when pregnant that is perfectly safe for you and baby. However, there are some things that you need to avoid to prevent complications. When it comes to exercising when pregnant, here are a few do's and don'ts that will help you get the exercise you need while still maintaining the safety of your unborn baby.


  • Go swimming as much as you can because this is great exercise and it's perfectly safe.
  • Participate in prenatal yoga classes.
  • Go for long leisurely walks but don't run.
  • Use a medicine ball to help strengthen your core muscles.
  • Stay hydrated and exercise every day for the best results.


  • Participate in contact sports or any activity that can result in falling or being hit in the stomach. 
  • Never weight train or use weights for resistance.
  • Don't engage in intense cardiovascular exercises that will raise your heartbeat above 140 beats per minute.
  • Don't jerk or use twisting movements when exercising that puts extra stress on the body and joints.
  • Never make quick directional changes that affect your balance as this could result in falls that could cause injuries.
  • After the first trimester, don't lie on your back when exercising.
  • Avoid any exercise that can cause trauma to the abdominal area.

Exercising when pregnant has many benefits. It can help to alleviate depression, fatigue and many of the aches and pains that you experience during pregnancy. It also helps to increase flexibility and increases your endurance which in turn will make labor a little easier.

If you follow these guidelines it should help you fit daily exercises into your life that will help your pregnancy go smoother. However, always talk to your doctor before you begin or continue an exercise routine to make sure it's right for you. There are certain situations when exercising may not be the best thing for you or your unborn child and you should never take any chances. Your doctor can also make suggestions as to which exercises would be best suited for you personally.

Lisa Mason is a freelance writer with a specialty in Internet content and SEO articles and the author of How to Earn a Living Writing. She has written thousands of articles, hundreds of ebooks and thousands of website pages and related content in more than 10 years as a professional writer.

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