15 January 2020

Refresh A Tired Ageing Face With PRP Vampire Face Lift

By Mags Whyler

As we get older, our skin loses its youth glow because the blood supply to our face diminishes and this causes our skin to lose its colour, making it look dull. The texture of the skin becomes less smooth, the delicate skin beneath the eyes becomes thinner and we often end up with fine lines and wrinkles. Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy, (PRP) also called a vampire facelift is a treatment which uses the natural ingredients of your blood to rejuvenate tired and ageing skin.

Non-surgical vampire facelift treatment is ideal for:
  • Fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area
  • Minimising lines around the mouth
  • Smoothing wrinkles across the nose
  • Signs of ageing on the hands
  • Softening wrinkles and frown lines on the forehead
  • Addressing minor smile lines
  • Dull skin due to less blood flow
  • Smooth and uneven texture
  • Tighten sagging or loose skin
  • Reducing acne scarring
During the treatment, a small amount of blood gets extracted and is then treated in a centrifuge to harvest the platelet-rich plasma. It's then re-injected into the required treatment area to stimulate fresh elastin and collagen production. This will plump up the skin, fill out fine lines and wrinkles and give a more radiant appearance, encouraging the body to repair the ageing skin from the inside out.

The injected platelet-rich plasma stimulates new collagen formation, which will rejuvenate your skin, making it look fresher and more vibrant. The treatment uses very fine needles to inject small amounts of PRP into your skin, and these injections are quite painless, as a topical anaesthetic gets applied beforehand, which minimises any discomfort. The results can last for up to 18 months and it's recommended you have a touch-up treatment around this time. This is a safe treatment as you are using your own blood, so it's completely non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

A vampire facelift is a great skin rejuvenating procedure option. Because the blood is the patient's own, there aren't any foreign materials injected and this lowers any risk of allergies and infections. This procedure has a fast healing time and you'll only experience minimal bruising and slight swelling.

This treatment can promote skin rejuvenation on the facial area, especially around the eyes which will reduce the lines and wrinkles. It's ideal for the hands, which often show signs of ageing sooner than other areas of the body, and on the neck and chest. The procedure simply helps rejuvenate the skin, restoring volume and collagen formation.

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