04 November 2019

Your Body Cannot Tell You What it Needs If You Are Not Listening!

By Lance Winslow

A superstar athlete will tell you that when you feel the pain when you work out, that's when it's working. They will also tell you; no pain no gain. And that's true, and it sounds really well and good, and quite tough, but when our bodies are in too much pain, they are trying to tell us something. It is like an organic alarm clock and wakeup call. The question is; are we listening?

There are few people that will deny any of this, as it all makes perfect sense, but recently, a acquaintance of mine noted; "Well, I like that! As long as someone is listening."

Indeed, best of all the system is always on, you see, your body knows when it is hungry, tired, and it sends impulses to your brain warning you that you need to sleep or eat. When you are hurt or catch a cold your body is telling you that you need to slow down and chill out for a little bit so it can catch back up. It's really no big deal and you should be fine, as long as you are listening.

Of course, your body cannot tell you what it needs if you are not listening and that's where the problems start. It doesn't take much to knock us off our natural cycle, but luckily it doesn't take much to get back onto it either. It's kind of like riding a bicycle and once you do it enough times it all works naturally as long as you pay attention.

But if you continually do irresponsible things like riding your bicycle over "storm drain grates" that run parallel to your bicycle tires, you are going to get hurt and eventually you'll be face forward looking down into a sewer. Please consider this.

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