06 November 2019

3 Common Barbell Exercises For Men

By J. Miller

Men are obsessed with two things: women and barbells. To them, barbells are their fitness buddies. Without them, they won't be able to gain confidence about their physique. Muscled, sexy men are head-turners, many women say.

At any gym, you will be fascinated to see men are too occupied with lifting weights and sweating it all out. Read their minds and you'll find out one thing: they want to be muscled and sexy. Yes, being physically attractive boosts their egos and increases their chances at winning women's hearts. Others end up becoming passionate about barbell lifting, so they get into the world of bodybuilding. But generally, these 3 common barbell exercises for men are what the male fitness buffs use to build a great body structure:

1.Upright Rowing. 

Start by doing the overhand grip with your hands conveniently held apart from each other. The weight must settle right in front of you. Raise the bar upwardly but making sure it's kept close to your body. Your elbows and forearms must be leveling with the ground. Bring down the barbell slowly but surely back to your initial position. It's important to note that you do this upright row appropriately as it may cause discomfort on your wrists if done erroneously. You can do 10 lifts if you are a beginner, but if you are used to this already, you can do 3 sets of 15 with 1-minute rest in between.

2.Close Grip Bench Press.

Another popular barbell exercise that men do is the close grip bench press. You bring yourself on a lying position on top of the bench. Hold the bar in front of you with your hands about 5 to 7 inches far from each other and right up your chest. Push the bar up until your arms are stretched up. Your arms are not supposed to be locked out as you do this. Inverse the motion by bringing the bar down.

3.Push Press. 

This is intended for total strength and power. You must take note that this is advisable for advanced gym goers, otherwise, you need the presence of a fitness instructor to spot your execution. Begin by standing up and crossing your arms holding the barbell in front of your chest. Bring your legs down as you drive the barbell upwardly. You must exert power as you bring it up high. Your shoulders and triceps can feel the tension as you lift.

Barbell exercise may be intense so you need to be assisted by a fitness instructor. Learn how to execute it correctly without straining and injuring your muscles. Otherwise, you will feel sore after every session.

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