16 October 2018

Simple Pre-Workout Warm-Ups For Beginners

By Luis Eduardo

If you are a fitness junkie then you must know how important it is to warm up before a workout. Many people warm up differently, some run on the treadmill, some use the bike, and others use free weights. All of these ways are great but what do you do if it's your first time working out? As a beginner, you might get confused by all of the equipment that you see at a gym. Not only that but you may see different kinds of people working out and they all have different ways of warming up. For example, a bodybuilder will not warm up the same as a track athlete. Or a football player will probably not warm up the same as a soccer player. As you can see, different people warm up differently and it is up to you to choose how you will condition your body before a workout. Here are a few tips on warm-ups for beginners.

The Treadmill Warm-Up
This is probably the most common way of warming up before a weight lifting workout. The trick to warming up effectively with a treadmill is to not run at a fast pace. When you get on the treadmill you should try walking fast or jogging. Remember, you are only warming up your body, it is not your actual workout. Do not run for too long on the treadmill. Only job or walk for about 5 to 10 minutes. This will allow your muscles to get warm as you go into your weight lifting exercises.

The Bodyweight Pre-Workout Warm-Up
If you do not want to get on the treadmill then you can also do bodyweight exercises to warm up. You can try doing pushups, sit-ups, or body squats. There are unlimited bodyweight exercises that can give you a pre-workout warm-up. You can do a maximum of 4 bodyweight exercises for complete conditioning. For example, you can do pushups, followed by a bodyweight squat, then do some mountain climbers and finish it off with an inverted row. When doing your sets try to keep the reps low because this is not your real workout, it is only your warm-up.

As you can see, these are only a few ideas to help you get started with your workout program. It is essential that you do a full-body warm-up in order to avoid injury. Conditioning your body can help you perform your exercises better and with proper form and in return you will burn more fat and build more muscle.

Luis is a fitness researcher and has been writing articles for over 7 years. He recently published a websites about rolling kids luggage sets.

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