12 May 2018

Reasons to Visit A Breast Center

By Abigail Aaronson

A breast center is a medical establishment that takes care of women's health. Taking care of a woman's health should be among her top priorities. With breast cancer being one of the top forms of cancer for women, this is certainly a major reason why women should take time to visit a medical center and have a mammogram. A mammogram is performed on the chest and checks to see if there are any suspicious lumps or issues that may be potentially cancerous. The check is often a quick process.

The time it takes to receive one is well worth it and it could potentially save a life.
If there are any concerns resulting from the digital mammography, there will often be a biopsy performed. Any lumps that appear suspicious will be biopsied and checked for any cancerous cells. Many times, they are not cancerous and are benign. However, if they are indeed cancerous, there will be options for treatment available that can help improve chances for survival. Early detection is crucial in these types of situations and why digital mammography visits are so necessary for women.

A breast center can also check the chest through ultrasound. The ultrasound uses digital imaging that is gentle and projects an image of exactly what is inside. It uses the same type of technology that a pregnant woman might get when checking the health of her fetus. This is another way to check for anything suspicious and may be more comfortable for those not interested in other forms of more invasive check-ups. It is also a recommended way to check when one has dense tissue in their chest area. This is because dense tissue can be viewed better through this type of technology.

Another reason to visit a breast center is also to have a bone density scan. A bone density scan is recommended for women over 50 or women that are approaching menopause because there is a higher risk for osteoporosis at this age. A DEXA scan will be performed to check the bones for any signs of osteoporosis. Some may be more at risk for this issue if there a family history of it. Being checked through DEXA scan is a great way to ensure that the bones are still strong. If there are any indicators of osteoporosis, the medical staff can give advice and guidance on how to get the bones stronger and protect your body and overall health.

Though it's easy to get caught up in the responsibilities of daily life, taking care of one's own health is a crucial aspect of living well, and it's good to make sure that anything that needs attention is a priority. Doctor's visits and check-ups are important and must be remembered. Forgetting to go to visits or to take care of concerns can cause more harm than good. It's important to get mammography imaging, bone scans, and ultrasounds on the body to ensure good health.

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