14 July 2018

How to Prevent The Vascular Condition Known As Spider Veins

By Abigail Aaronson

Spider veins are a vascular condition that involves visible blood vessels sitting just under the surface of the skin. Although spider veins are related to varicose veins, there are inherent differences. Learn what you can do to prevent this common problem from starting.

Regular Exercise

Regular activity and exercise are important parts of a healthy lifestyle. As you explore your options for exercise, there are some activities that are better for vascular health than others. Any activities that promote strong calf muscles will reduce vascular conditions. Include walking, biking, elliptical work, running, and aerobics into your weekly routine. Use caution with weightlifting, because the strain involved in this exercise can cause venous blood to remain in the legs, contributing to problems.

Weight Control

Avoiding obesity will help you prevent vascular issues. Body weight and the forces of gravity often work against blood flow. When excess body mass and fluids are present, these issues can interfere with blood as it tries to move from lower extremities back to the heart. The veins in the legs typically have the hardest job moving blood all the way back to the heart.

Varying Activity

If you find that you engage in the same activity for longer than 30 minutes at a time, try varying your activity. For example, if you stand for long periods, take a seat or walk around for a moment or two. If you sit for long periods, get up and walk around every 30 minutes. While sitting, avoid crossing your legs, because this results in compression.

Elevating Feet

Whenever possible, elevate your feet when sitting and lying down. For best results, place cushions or pillows beneath your feet to elevate them to a level higher than your heart.

Support Hose

Compression stockings can be effective for preventing spider veins. These special stockings help reduce swelling in the feet and lower legs. If you are unsure about which stockings to purchase, visit your physician to receive recommendations and guidance.

Minimize Sun Exposure

People with fair skin complexions may experience increased spider veins simply due to the lightness of their skin tone. Over time, sun exposure can result in vascular issues on the face. To prevent these problems, wear sunscreen regularly and minimize the sun exposure on your skin.#

Avoid Tight Clothing

Wearing tight girdles and hosiery can result in problems due to the lack of circulation in the constricted areas. Avoid wearing these tight articles of clothing to avoid issues.

Once spider veins develop, they may eventually worsen into varicose veins. This vascular problem is a result of damaged or weakened valves that cannot return blood to the heart effectively. This venous insufficiency may eventually lead to the need for medical intervention. Monitor your health to ensure that you notice problems when they begin so you can take steps to slow symptom progression.
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