05 February 2018

Choosing a Facial for Your Skin Type

By Anna Woodward

Skin comes in a variety of forms. Although there are lots of different types of complexions, the most common are normal, oily, dry, and sensitive. Whichever type your complexion falls under, a facial can have many benefits as part of a normal dermatological care routine. The trick is picking the right treatment that will have the best results for your complexion. Before you head to the spa, consider what treatments are designed to work for your skin's particular needs.


This is the most common complexion. Some people have a few outbreaks depending on their diet and the time of year but, for the most part, experience clear, even skin. But this doesn't mean that people with this complexion can't benefit from a facial. A deep cleansing European-style treatment provides both exfoliation and moisturization, resetting a complexion that has been damaged by sun exposure or pollutants. These procedures also include an under-eye gel, which will help to prevent sagging or wrinkles.


People with oily skin are those prone to acne outbreaks. Sufferers often complain about the shininess that overactive pores cause. Procedures or products that utilize oils or moisturizers tend to clog oily pores and can even trigger more unsightly outbreaks. A Glycolic Acid treatment, which uses a mild acid extracted from sugar cane, is helpful in breaking down subcutaneous oils and relieving clogged pores. Another option is an algae mask, which can help rebalance overactive pores by reintroducing vitamins and amino acids.


People with dry skin are the most prone to signs of aging, such as wrinkles or sagging around the eyes. To combat these effects, look for a treatment that rehydrates. Sensitive Chamomile Azulene treatment uses Bulgarian rose oil to add moisture and calm any redness. A revitalizing Omega-3 treatment can also nourish the skin, as well as promote new cell growth, which will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Microdermabrasion, a more intensive procedure in which a thin layer of surface cells are removed, can also be extremely helpful for those who experience dryness. Fresh, new cells are revealed underneath, giving the complexion a youthful, healthy glow.


People with sensitive skin can have a variety of dermatological symptoms: redness, excessive sweating, itchiness, flaking, sores, scars, etc. This makes responding to this complexion more challenging than most. In general, treatments that promote circulation and cell growth, like an Oxygen Capsule facial, will improve your youthful glow. But this is also a great opportunity to develop a relationship with an esthetician, who can create a custom facial to meet your specific needs.

Along with daily washing, moisturizing, and the application of a light sunblock, a facial is great addition to any skincare routine. Choosing a treatment that suits your particular complexion will maximize results, leaving you with skin that is healthy and glowing for days to come.
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