13 June 2018

Botox and How It Helps With Wrinkles

By Abigail Aaronson

Botox has been around for several decades already, and it has had many satisfied users. The substance is used by dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons to prevent the formation of and smooth out wrinkles and creases on a person's face. Although it was initially prepared and developed to treat specific conditions of the eyes, it has now found a niche in the plastic surgery field.

Basic Premise

The basic concept behind Botox is to use an extract of a toxic substance, derived from what causes botulism in people, in order to render specific muscles and tissues immobile. The toxic substance needs to be processed in order for the ideal substance to be extracted from it. Processing it the wrong way can cause damage to the person to whom it will be injected. It was initially used to treat conditions in the eyes, such as being wall eyed. When developers and researchers found that it could immobilize specific muscles and tissues, they applied it to the face in order to prevent muscle groups from forming wrinkles. When a person uses certain muscles in the face constantly, the frequent motion and usage creates the appearance of wrinkles and creases. The application of Botox causes the muscles to be rendered immobile.

When these cannot move, they cannot create wrinkles due to being used. The immobilization can last for several months, maybe around three to six months at the most. Reapplication can be done as soon as the individual notices that the effect is waning. Many cosmetic surgeons do not put a limit to the amount of times that a person might receive the injections while some believe that it is healthy to give the muscles break once in awhile, in order for them not to atrophy due to being unused.

Side Effects

Because the results are not permanent, many believe that there are no lasting side effects of the use of Botox. In fact, serious side effects are incredibly rare. Cosmetic surgeons will warn patients that there could be some temporary side effects immediately after being injected with it. One of the more alarming but temporary ones is having a sagging or droopy part of the face. While doctors try their best to limit the area where the injection is inserted, there are instances when the substance might go somewhere else. The area that is touched by it will also be rendered immobile, which can cause panic for some patients. Parts of the face that may be affected this way are the eye and mouth areas. Many patients have crow's feet and wrinkles around the eyes, which is why most of them ask the cosmetic surgeon for prevention of wrinkles in these areas.

While Botox has not received any damaging press or feedback, many experts and doctors caution against using it for an extended period. It is prudent to actually listen to this advice and give the body and the face a break from one's beauty regimen every once in awhile.

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