12 September 2017

Reducing Cellulite With Cupping Massages

By Heather Jameson

For anyone with cellulite, it is quite common to look for solutions that may help you deal with them in a very effective manner. Cellulite can be really annoying and it is always a great desire to get your skin back the way it was before getting affected by the cellulite. There are many recommendations that are made in ways that can be sued so as to eliminate cellulite and they include the cellulite cream, essential oils, exercise and even diet. However, sometimes it is hard to see any kind of plausible results which can be very frustrating for many people.

If you have tried all the above methods and failed, all is not lost. Cupping may be the only solution remaining to sample. Getting cupping massage may very well help you eliminate those unsightly dimples on your body and get an even toned skin that looks healthy and young.

The cupping massage
It is common knowledge that there isn't a cure for cellulite, but using cupping may just be the Holy Grail you may be in need of. The reason why cupping comes so highly recommended is due to the fact that it is very effective and targets the root cause of the cellulite in the first place. When the matter is dealt with from the roots, then it will most definitely be solved with regular cupping sessions.

So what causes cellulite in the first place?
The culprit behind the development of cellulite is the connective tissues that are just under the skin, but not fat as most of us believe. There are various lifestyle factors that can lead to the stiffening of the connective tissues. The connective tissues are responsible for joining the muscles and the skin. When this happens, rippling of the fatty later occurs. The stiffening can be caused by different lifestyle factors as well as poor circulation and aging.

How does cupping help?
Cupping is actually a technique that was invented a long time ago and it uses some well-designed cups so as to apply some vacuum pressure on various parts of the body. Traditionally, this was a process that was used for detox and healing purposes. There are some great anti cellulite kind of benefits when done as it should and they include:

  • Helping the relaxation and stretching of the connective tissues that are just below the skin so as to increase the elasticity and reduce that dimpled cellulite appearance.
  • Blood circulation is greatly boosted and this leads to the rejuvenation and nourishment of the skin as well as all the connective tissues.
  • Lymph flow is well stimulated. This in turn helps in the removal of toxins and fluids from the tissues and this creates a smoother and sleeker appearance.

All the above are great benefits that your skin will enjoy if you do decide to try out cupping massage. There is no harm in trying. It could be just the solution you are looking for. It is however important to note that everyone has their own rate of success story. This is due to the uniqueness of our bodies and the extent of the cellulite in each individual person.

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