26 January 2018

Four Signs It's Time To Fire Your Personal Trainer

By Beverleigh H Piepers

When you have fitness goals to reach and are not 100% sure what you are doing in the gym, it can be great to get a personal trainer for guidance. Some people like having an instructor present even when they do know what they are doing as the personal trainer can help them learn new exercises and shake up their routine a little. But, there are times when an instructor does not know best - or when you are not getting what you should be from your training relationship.

What are the circumstances indicating it might be time to find a new personal trainer or instructor? Let us look at the main signs it may be time to find a different personal trainer to help you reach your goals...

1. Your Trainer Uses Their Phone Constantly. There are simply no excuses for this one. If your instructor is not giving you their undivided attention, find one who will. Period. There is no reason for phone use during a training session unless it happens to be an emergency.

2. The Trainer Does Not Specialize In Your New Goals. Let us say you have set a goal to participate in a particular marathon event. If your instructor is someone who specializes in bodybuilding, this is not likely to be a good fit. When possible, find a personal trainer who is experienced in whatever goals you are working toward. Then you will see much fastest progress.

3. They Are Heavily Booked. While having a personal trainer who is popular and heavily booked can be seen as a good thing (clearly they are in demand!), if you are unable to schedule as many sessions as you would like, this is not so good for your steady progress.

It is important your personal trainer is available when you need them. Ideally, you want to be doing at least one, if not two sessions each week with your trainer.

4. You Do Not Feel You are Being Motivated to Reach Your Goal. Finally, the last sign it may be time to find a new instructor is if they are not motivating you like they used to. Do you find you dread the gym even though they are there with you? If so, that is not a good sign. Find a personal trainer who inspires you to push yourself and is upbeat for all the workouts you do together.
Being motivated by your instructor can play a significant role in your progress, so do not take this lightly.

There you have the most important points to keep in mind when working with a personal trainer. If your trainer is not meeting your requirements, it is time to get on the hunt for a new one.
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