16 July 2017

8 Health Risks Men Should Watch Out For

By Baburaj Devi

While some men think they're supermen, in truth, health risks are their kryptonite. Whether it's because of their lifestyle choices or some other reason, men should watch out for the following health risks.

1. Heart Disease. According to the CDC, this is the leading cause of death for American males. Regardless, if they have African-American, Asian or other descent. Globally, the male death rate for cardiovascular disease is 80 percent. So take care of your ticker by incorporating cardio exercise in your lifestyle and Omega-3 rich foods in your diet.

2. Stroke. A stroke is the leading cause of death around the world in both men and women. A healthy diet, exercise, a controlled blood pressure and regular checkups can lessen the risk of having a stroke.

3. Lung Cancer. Ninety percent of all lung cancers come from regular inhalation of tobacco smoke. 
Quit smoking at any age and you'll remarkably reduce your risk of lung cancer. Actually, besides lung cancer, smoking may also lead to other cancers like mouth, kidney and stomach cancer.

4. Prostate Cancer. This type of cancer is the second most common cancer among men. In fact, one out of seven men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. One out of six men is at risk of prostate cancer, and it's fatal for one in 35. Early detection is crucial for this cancer to be treated successfully. However, if left untreated it can spread to the bones or the liver.

5. Depression. This disease is as complicated as it is deadly. Depression isn't just about deep sadness. In men, it can manifest in aggressive behavior or excessiveness (like drinking too much). Compared to women, men are less likely to commit suicide. However, men are more successful at carrying it out when they do. If you feel like you are at the onset of depression, seek professional help immediately.

6. Alcoholism. An occasional drink is okay. However, when you find yourself unable to go through your day without regularly having several drinks, then you might have a problem. According to research, 3.14 million men die worldwide because of alcoholism. The deadly practice leads to several health risks like liver and kidney trouble.

7. Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes is the primary reason for obesity, heart attack, blindness, stroke, kidney failure and amputation. However, it can easily be avoided with the right diet and regular exercise.

8. Urinary Tract infection. While women are more prone to UTIs because they have a shorter urethra, men commonly have it as well because of their drinking habits. A UTI can seriously affect the kidneys and bladder if treated.

Now that you are aware of the risks you may be facing, make it appoint to regularly visit your doctor for a routine check-up.

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