19 May 2017

Top 10 Obesity Related Diseases

By Elizabeth Sisney

Many people suffer from the condition of being overweight. Unfortunately, sometimes this problem becomes out of control, and a person can become obese. This is extremely bad for your health, and there are several diseases that are worsened by obesity or even caused by obesity.

1. Diabetes

Obesity is a significant factor in the development of type 2 diabetes, which occurs when your body has developed a resistance to insulin. Being overweight allows yours cells to become insulin resistant. In some cases, those with type 2 diabetes have reversed the condition by losing weight.

2. Cancer

Being overweight can increase your chance of developing various cancers by 50%. For women, being overweight by only 20 pounds places them at a much higher risk of cancer.

3. Infertility

Obesity can lead to hormonal level changes that can lead to infertility and ovarian cancer in women. In overweight men, this can lead to a much lower sperm count.

4. Skin Infections

It is sometimes more difficult for obese individuals to keep their skin as clean as it needs to be. The skin can form creases where sweat can be trapped and cause irritation that lead to infection.

5. High Blood Pressure

Your blood pressure generally increases right along with your weight, and high blood pressure is a leading cause of death of Americans. Your doctor can give you medication to regulate your blood pressure, but you need to get yourself to a healthier weight for good health.

6. High Cholesterol

Your cholesterol levels usually become too high when you are overweight, and those high levels can cause heart attacks. Chronic high cholesterol can lead to heart disease.

7. Ulcers

The obese may develop painful gastric ulcers. Overweight men are more likely to develop this condition, but women have also been known to be affected.

8. Back Problems

Your body, especially your back, can suffer when it is expected to carry very large amounts of weight. You may have lower back pain, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis or even structural damage to your spine if you are obese.

9. Gallstones

Obese women often develop painful gallstones. While rare, men may also be affected.

10. Heart Disease

Obesity is a primary cause of coronary heart disease that can lead to stroke or heart attack. Losing weight and regular exercise can greatly reduce your chances of developing this condition.
If you feel your weight is becoming a problem, see your doctor right away. Nothing is more important than your health, and your weight can be controlled with proper intervention.

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