04 April 2017

Reasons Why Natural Fertility Remedies Should Be Your First Choice

By Dr Ariana Martins

Having trouble conceiving a child has become more common than we think. Infertility is a real issue in both women and men from all across the globe. Whether it is due to lifestyle or adverse health conditions such as blocked fallopian tubes, there are hundreds of thousands of couples worldwide facing problems in getting pregnant. Many of these couples in their desperation to have a child go through expensive medication and sometimes risky surgical treatments.

Couples contemplating medication or surgery for their infertility issues should always remember that the goal should be to have a healthy pregnancy and not simply getting pregnant. For that reason, natural fertility remedies should be their first choice in infertility treatments. Natural remedies come with a number of advantages without any of the side-effects faced in the other options. Some of the key benefits in using natural fertility treatment are as under:

1) No adverse effects on your body: Most medication has a number of questionable chemicals in them that come with warnings written in fine print. There are side-effects that could create other health issues in your body if consumed over a period of time. Not just that, with every new complication you face, the chances of a healthy pregnancy start going down. As mentioned earlier, the goal should always be a healthy pregnancy and the overall wellbeing of your yet to be born child. Natural fertility remedies do not create any adverse effects on your body and as your infertility causes subside, your chances for a healthy pregnancy increases significantly.

2) No recovery time: Typically surgical treatments have a recommended recovery time before your body is ready to conceive a child. Also going through a surgery will certainly make you weak and will necessitate taking medication for the healing process. Natural treatments do not have such problems to deal with and as your infertility causes are treated, your body gets ready for pregnancy immediately. As far as possible, pregnancy should always be kept as a natural process to ensure the good health of your child.

3) Inexpensive: This is certainly a big issue for most couples. Medication and surgical treatments are almost always extremely expensive and the costs could create a huge financial burden that runs into the future. Natural fertility treatments will not have huge costs associated with them and most men and women would be able to afford such remedies. Costs are an important factor to consider as raising a child is quite expensive and if all your money is spent on getting pregnant, then it puts a burden on finances after the child is born.

4) Overall promotion of well-being: Body growth is a natural process and so is pregnancy. Any unnatural interference will always create adverse effects further down the road. With holistic fertility remedies, your body will maintain the natural balance and promote an overall sense of wellbeing. Also since natural treatments usually contain a lot of herbs and other ingredients found in nature, they typically end up making both your body and mind feel rejuvenated resulting in a healthy pregnancy.

Dr Ariana Martins studies impact of natural and herbal remedies on infertility for both women and men. For more information regarding holistic natural fertility remedies, please visit http://www.dollyhamshealth.com/

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