07 February 2017

The Importance of Skin Care Exfoliation

By Camilla Blais

What is exfoliation? It is a skin treatment offered in Spas where dead or old facial skin cells are sloughed off. Why? Dead skin cells that accumulate on the face makes the facial skin look old and dull. For those who are past their 40's exfoliation is necessary for that smooth and lovely glow. Older skin definitely needs to "rehydrate" and "rejuvenate". Exfoliation will not only give the skin a younger fresher look but will also encourage the growth of healthier skin.

A person grows a new layer of skin every 2 to 4 weeks. Dead skin cells are shed but more often than not, most of the old skin cells are left untouched on the face. If the dead skin cells are not removed, they can clog the pores - forming black heads, pimples and other "age" spots. Exfoliating can help accelerate skin shedding and flaking for that finer, rosier and more translucent skin underneath the epidermis.

There are two types of exfoliants - mechanical and chemical.

Mechanical exfoliants are made of minute pieces of grits that when rubbed on the skin scrub off the dead skin cells. Most of these grits come from apricot pits and walnut shells. Natural exfoliants are salt and loofah sponge. There are probably thousands of facial scrubs available in the market and it is best to choose the least hard when just starting this regimen.

Another mechanical form of exfoliation is called microdermabrasion. It is the actual facial "sand-blasting" technique to get rid of the outermost layer of the facial skin. This process, unlike the other mechanical procedures, must be done by a highly skilled professional.

Chemical exfoliants are better known as mild acids found in facial products such as beta-hydroxy, salicylic acid and AHA or alpha-hydroxy acids. There are also facial washes that contain grits for washing and scrubbing the face at the same time. Chemical peels or stripping must be done by a qualified person. Any mistake in using chemical peels could prove to be devastating.

Exfoliating Tips

When exfoliating the face, it is a must to use facial products. Sea salt, loofah sponge or even a brush are means to remove dead skin cells. It is not advisable to use exfoliating products designed for the body.

Facial skin might tingle after using chemical peels such as alpha or beta hydroxy acids. However the tingling sensation should stop at the most, within a 15-minute time frame. If not, observe for any allergic reactions. It is best to do a skin test first before using any chemical peel.

Regularly exfoliating the face can dry the skin which could lead to more wrinkles. To counter this, moisturize the face all the time. Using products with UVB and UVA protection is preferred.

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