04 February 2017

Spring Forward Into a New Life

By Marla McCarthy

So spring has arrived and with it brought new possibilities of all sorts. Are you planting seeds for new opportunities in your life so you can reap a harvest later this year?

Here are some tips to get you started:
1. Organize, purge and clean what you already have so that you will be equipped, ready, and have room for the great things, grand opportunities, favorable circumstances, and awesome chances for promotion or advancement that are to come. Preparation before planting can help you reap a larger harvest.

2. Make-over or pamper yourself in some way so that you look amazing and feel more prepared to spring forward into your new life. Get in shape, get a manicure and pedicure, purchase a new outfit or put together some new and exciting combinations or accessories with clothes you already possess. Possibilities exist all around you and within what you already possess at all times. Take advantage of all of them.

3. Enjoy time outside with your family and friends. In many locations, people can finally get out of their homes and breathe air that does not chill them all the way to their bones. Take advantage of beautiful, warm weather every chance you get. Plan outings with those you love and care about. While you are out, pause from your activities, take a deep breath, and take notice of any and all of the beautiful scenery, sky, grass, trees, flowers, water, and world around you. The ability to pause and view the glorious scenery around you is a blessing all in itself.

4. Search for ways to help others. Somebody will appreciate you using your gifts, skills, and talent to enhance their life. Someone needs to hear your voice, your life experience, your story or your testimony. Find creative ways to share what you have been blessed with, what you have pressed through, and all you have overcome with others throughout the world so they will be inspired to do the same.

5. Start something new; a new hobby, new business, new activity, new workout, or new goal. Faith plus consistent daily action toward any of these options above will equal a totally, positively transformed life. Believe and live today like change and an abundant harvest (following your season of sowing) is possible for you!

Spring always brings with it the opportunity to be excited about new adventures to come. Whatever you do with this season, make sure you spend time sowing into yourself, your surroundings, and into others so that you can reap a bountiful, life-changing harvest before this year comes to a close.

Possibilities exist all around you and within what you already possess at all times. Take advantage of all of them!

Marla A. McCarthy is a published author, life & relationship coach, inspirational speaker, wife, mother of six wonderful boys, entrepreneur, and co-owner of The Real Life Series Publishing Company, LLC. To purchase uplifting, powerful, life-transforming books and materials by Marla A. McCarthy visit Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, or TheRealLifeSeries.com.

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