31 January 2017

How To Persevere With Exercising

By Keye Wu

Why is it so difficult to keep up with exercising? Why are some people gym rats while others haven't seen the inside of a gym since high school? How many times have you joined the gym as part of a New Year's Resolution only to stop showing up two weeks later?

What you need to do is find a reason why exercise is needed and important. One big reason is that you have a family medical history of heart disease. Exercise can help to strengthen your heart over the long run. If you are unsure, consult with your doctor and ask if you are at risk. Tell him or her you are looking to start an exercise program.

Another factor may be your desire to seek a mate. It is generally accepted that you will have an easier time when you are in good shape. This is a big motivator but people often overdo it, especially when you are older. If you do too much, you can risk injuring yourself. It's one thing to look good, but another to wind up in the hospital. It can take a long time to recover from such incidents.
Remember that exercise is only part of staying healthy. You need to have a proper diet as well. People mistakenly believe that they can eat whatever they want when they exercise regularly. There have been plenty of incidents where people who seemingly are in great shape suffer from heart attacks. This is usually because they do not eat properly.

If you want to stay on track with an exercise program, consider hiring a personal trainer. A trainer can customize a program to fit your needs. If the trainer is good, he or she will include the right kinds of exercises that you probably would not do on your own. They are trained in providing you with the correct set of exercises and know how to mix them up. If you find that it is not working for you, it is within your right to find another trainer. You are looking for someone who will be with you for a while so make sure he or she is a good fit.

When you set out to start an exercise program, and you are structuring it on your own, start out small and build gradually over time. It's much better to exercise for fifteen or twenty minutes every day than it is to exercise for two hours once every two weeks.

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