24 January 2017

How To Gain Chest Muscle

By F. P. Fernandes

Your chest muscle is a huge muscle group that covers the upper half of the rib cage. It starts from way up along the collar bone, extends to the ribs, the breast bone, and then enters the upper arm through a tendon. Building your chest muscle is important if you are to get a complete work out and get a well-toned and well-built body. The following exercises will help you in this regard.

Bench press

This is an excellent workout for the upper body. With this workout, you can develop the pectoral muscle, triceps and the deltoids. To perform this exercise, lie back on the bench. Ensure that your feet rest on the floor firmly. Now, hold the barbell with your palms and slowly straighten your elbows to lift the barbell. After lifting the barbell slowly bring it back to your chest.

While lowering the barbell take care that too much pressure does not fall on the shoulder joint. To prevent chest injury, it is essential to check that you are comfortable with the weight of the barbell. You can test this out by lifting and holding it for a while before beginning this exercise.

Make sure that you practice this exercise only with the help of trained personnel as you might need assistance in lifting the barbell off the chest. This can also be repeated with dumbbells if you do not have the barbell.


This is a workout that concentrates on the entire chest region. Hold a pair of parallel bars with your palms and support your body in between the bars. Now, lower your arms until your elbows are at a ninety degree angle. Bend your lower body. Now, steadily raise your body by straightening your arms.

Although this exercise sounds simple, it requires quite a lot of effort as you will have to lift your entire body. After you get accustomed to it, however, you will find that it works to great benefit in building chest muscles.

Dumbbell Fly

This is an exercise that concentrates not only on the entire chest area but also on the specific areas of the chest by varying the angle of the bench. Hold the dumbbells with your palm and slowly raise your arms above the chest region. Now, slowly move the dumbbells back in semicircular arcs without bending your arms. Do not over stretch while doing this exercise as it may injure your shoulder joints.

Push Ups

If you do not have the required equipment to do the above exercises, or if, for some reason, you are unable to join a gym, you can develop your chest muscles right at home by practicing push ups. Here's what you need to do.

Lie down facing the floor. Place your palms on the floor at shoulder width apart. Now, slowly lower your body until it just touches the floor and push back to the original position. Ensure that your entire body and your torso remain straight during this workout for positive results.

To obtain the best results from all these exercises, these should be performed in the right way regularly. Faulty exercise practices not only reduce benefits but also increase your risk of injuries. You can start off your exercise routine either by learning from professionals at the gym or by observing going through web content that elaborates on methods and techniques.

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