02 January 2017

Can Obesity Accelerate Brain Aging?

By Katie Spiess

Obesity has slowly grown into a national epidemic largely due to the diet and lifestyle we now lead. Many of us consume pounds and pounds of sugar, artificial ingredients and processed foods. After consuming all of these unhealthy calories, many don't exercise. In fact, most people lead a sedentary lifestyle. This is especially true for the working population that sits behind a desk for eight hours daily. This has increased the risk of diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Thankfully, alternative medicine practitioners are also gaining in popularity, so people are learning how to properly care for their body and health.

Link Between Sugar and Cognitive Impairment

Studies show that eating a diet that's high in high-fructose corn syrup, or HFCS, can cause substantial impairment of your cognitive abilities due to a decline in your synaptic activity. Research was performed using rats, which were fed fructose syrup over six weeks, and they showed signs of cognitive impairment. Because of this, they weren't able to find their way out of the maze. Their brains were having problems signaling each other, which prevented them from thinking clearly and properly recalling their route through the maze.

This research alone gives you a sneak peak into what HFCS is likely doing to the brain of a human being.

Obesity and Brain Aging

Other studies have been performed with people, showing that overweight individuals have a higher loss of white brain matter than those who aren't. Some have even found a connection between Alzheimer's and obesity. In this study, no differences in thinking skills were found. Improving your lifestyle and diet is key for losing weight. You can consult with alternative medicine practitioners about how to overcome your weight issues.

Improve Cognition with the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is well-known for its weight loss capabilities, but it's also great for boosting your cognitive skills. A review was done of 135 studies, which showcase the positive cognitive effects of the Mediterranean diet. It also helped to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's. In the report published in Medical News Today, it states that the participants that ate the Mediterranean diet witnessed enhanced long-term and working memory. They also had improved delayed recognition, visual constructs and executive memory.

With the assistance of alternative medicine practitioners, you can fine tune your diet, so you can shed extra weight. You can also obtain allergy testing to determine if you are allergic to certain foods in the Mediterranean diet before making the switch. If so, natural allergy treatments can be provided to eliminate the symptoms.

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