13 December 2016

Women's Health: Getting A Specific Health Plan, Just For You

By Juanita Swindell

A health care plan for women is a great way to ensure that you are checked at regular intervals. With the number of risks a woman faces medically, it is a good idea to sign up for a long-term form of care so that you do not need to worry about looking for a specialist to take care of your health at the last minute. Many plans include various services like menopausal treatment, prevention or management of osteoporosis and cancer detection.

Gene testing for Breast and Ovarian Cancer

A BRCA test is a simple blood test where the genes get analyzed. The mutations that take place in the genes need to be studied in order to see if you have a risk of getting ovarian or breast cancer. Those who possess this specific type of gene change often have a relatively high risk of getting one of these cancer forms. If you have any kind of family history of breast or ovarian cancer, you should get this test conducted so that the doctor can then tell you how to look for any signs of the cancer so it can be caught as early as possible if it does affect you.

Osteoporosis Management

This disease is present in men and women. But studies have shown that women after menopause, especially Asian women, are at a higher risk of getting osteoporosis. However, a basic combination of supplements, medicines and specific exercises for your bones could go a long way in keeping the bones stronger and preventing this problem or managing it as best as possible.

Coping with Menopause

Menopause is a turning point in a woman's life because this is the last stage of the menstruation cycle. Different women have different symptoms during this time so it is nice to prepare yourself and talk to a doctor. Not only will you be able to cope with the changes in your body better but you will also have someone to talk to during this time.

Self-Exams for Breasts

Mammograms help to detect breast cancer. By doing a self-exam at regular intervals, you can compare past reports and visit the doctor if and when you notice any change in your breasts.

The Need for Women's Health Care

Your health is very important. Many women suffer from different kinds of health issues that may be in their genes or due to environmental factors. Right from giving birth to dealing with menopause, every woman has to deal with various complications. And the risk of cancer and other diseases is also growing. This is why it is very important for a woman to take care of her health and go for regular check-ups so that any problem can be caught in the early stages and treated accordingly. Through a dedicated healthcare plan designed for women, you can get specific tests that diagnose common problems and have access to specialists who will advise you and give you preventive as well as remedial treatment plans.

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