16 December 2016

Understanding Laser Skin Resurfacing And Its Effects

By Juanita Swindell of True-MD

If you are looking for something that will help to diminish the wrinkles, lines and scars on your body, laser skin resurfacing is a very effective procedure that gives a lot of people great results and also has minimal recovery time so that you can get back to your daily routine almost immediately. Not only does it get rid of the imperfections, but this treatment also helps to increase the production of collagen so that you look healthy and great.

What Is Laser Skin Resurfacing?
Our skin suffers a lot of damage because of sun exposure, pollution, and numerous other external factors. This means that new cells have to be formed continuously and dead cells need to be removed. With age, the renewal process gets slower and it leaves you will dull skin that often becomes a target to wrinkles and lines. The resurfacing procedure makes use of lasers that will scan the surface of your skin and remove the dead cells which are on the surface. This helps to remove all the imperfections on that layer and you will be left with the young and healthy skin that is underneath. This layer then heals naturally and makes you look younger. The great part is that the treatment doesn't make use of any chemicals so you will not be introducing any foreign object into your body.

This treatment is ideal for those who want to get rid of minor problems. However, before you sign up for it, it is advisable to ask your dermatologist whether it is a good treatment for you because there may be alternate options available for your particular skin type.

Kinds of Laser Skin Resurfacing

You could choose to go in for a full ablative procedure or a fractional laser procedure. When you use an ablative laser, the outer layer of your skin will be removed from the entire area that needs to be treated. This could leave you with a little swelling and redness in that area which may take a week or so to heal properly. This method gives immediate results and as soon as you recover, you will see the difference from before the procedure to after. This makes it great for those who want to get done with the procedure and then take a little more recovery time. However, those who do not have the time to sit back and recover may prefer to go in for the fractional resurfacing process. This method has a number of microscopic wells that penetrate into the deeper layers of skin and stimulate the rejuvenation process. This method is great for those who have a hectic schedule because there is hardly any downtime and you can get back to your regular life immediately. However, multiple treatments will be required in order to get the necessary results.

True-MD is a medical spa that only uses FDA approved procedures and provides patients with non-invasive treatments which give them safe and effective results. This spa has highly trained professionals who ensure that every treatment gives the patient a natural-looking and healthy skin.

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