01 December 2016

The Best Kegel Exercise Equipment for Bladder Control

By Beverley A Graham

Pelvic floor disorders can result from a combination of factors that include obesity, vaginally delivered childbirth, having a hysterectomy and aging. Increased pressure on the abdomen, moving or lifting heavy objects and straining during bowel movements can result in pelvic floor disorders. Using kegel exercise equipment will provide a fast, safe effective way to quickly strengthen the pelvic muscles.

When the pelvic floor muscles are weak, the risk is far greater for involuntary leaks. Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that hold up and support the bladder. Regardless of cause or age, kegel exercises are a natural and recognized way of controlling urinary incontinence. There are several excellent types of kegel exercise equipment that strengthen the muscles which include:

• Step Free Weights - are specially designed vaginal weights that can be inserted and removed into the vagina easily. The weight of the cone is gradually increased once control over the pelvic floor is achieved. The weights are more effective when in an upright position or moving around.

• Kegelmaster - a progressive resistance vaginal exerciser that is an effective pelvic floor strengthening device. The plastic device is inserted into the vagina and the springs are adjusted to provide more resistance and are best used when in a reclining position. It is recommended that three sets of movements are carried out each session.

• Dubbed Elvie - takes kegel exercise equipment to a whole new level. The device has multiple sensors that help measure the force applied and can be used while standing, walking or lying down. The Elvie comes with a workout app and real time feedback which teaches you the correct way in which to do pelvic floor workouts.

• SKEA (smart exercise aid) is a device that is inserted into the vagina and pairs exercise with gaming. SKEA acts as a controller and will sync with and android or iOS game once the device has been inserted. When the muscles are contracted properly, the device delivers soothing pulses.

• K-Goal Smart Kegel - tracks stats, pressure applied, the number of repetitions and squeezes. This device relies on air pressure to determine your exercise progress. By adjusting the air pressure the devices pillow can be customized to fit your anatomy.

The objective behind kegel exercises is to strengthen the muscles and control the urethra. Such exercises allow the muscles to believe you are trying to stop urine flow. When using a device, take into account the position that you plan to use it, the time that you have to set aside to use the kegel device. You can practice pulling and squeezing the muscles for around 10 seconds, then releasing. Do around 10 contractions three times daily. If you pursue these exercises daily you should see positive results within three to six weeks.

Depending on the severity of incontinence, exercises are carried out in conjunction with minimal doses of electrical stimulation. Kegel exercise programs using kegel exercise equipment is highly recommended by health professionals to relieve urinary incontinence, enhance sexual responsiveness as kegel exercises improve overall sexual and physical health. In order to see results, the strongest motivator for compliance is perseverance.

Beverley A Graham is an expert in the field of self help and self improvement and has written a series of related articles. for high quality articles contact Beverley at grahamb940@gmail.com

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