15 December 2016

How to Give Her Oral Sex and Make Her Orgasm Multiple Times - The Best Cunnilingus Tips for Men

By Hugh Benson

Even if your woman never says it to you, she wants more oral sex. All women love oral sex because it simply feels amazing. There is no better stimulation than feeling a warm tongue caressing her most intimate areas. For women, oral sex is intimate, erotic and it is very sensual.

The only problem is that most men don't treat oral pleasure in this way. A lot of men want to get down there and start licking away so they can make a woman orgasm. This is a mistake. If you really want to give your woman pleasure and if you really want to get her going in the bedroom, then you need to learn the best cunnilingus tips for men.

You need to learn how to give her oral sex the proper way so you can make her orgasm multiple times. You aren't going to be able to drive her wild with desire if you are doing it wrong so you are going to need to learn how to do it right.

Of course, your tongue is the best part about oral, but your mouth can offer her so much stimulation as well. It is a shame when men don't use their entire mouths during oral sex because your woman misses out on so much as a result. If you want to please her fully and prep her for more orgasms, then you need to use both your tongue and your lips. Don't use your teeth, as she is extremely sensitive down there. Your lips and tongue can create all sorts of amazing pleasure for her.

Another cunnilingus technique for men is to give her some penetration during oral sex. Clitoral stimulation feels great and for some women, it is enough to bring them to orgasm. However, for other women, it is not enough and they need a bit more. This is where your fingers come into play. Your fingers offer her that penetration feeling that her body is craving and this can also attribute to her ability to orgasm multiple times. Not only can you make her climax from clitoral pleasure, but now you can also make it happen with g-spot pleasure. You increase your chances of satisfying your woman when you do this, so make it happen because you have nothing to lose.

When you learn these techniques, you will be able to go down on your woman the right way and give her oral sex the way that it was intended to be given. You will certainly blow her mind and give her a whole new love of oral stimulation when you slow it down and become a great cunnilingus lover.

To find out more about how to give a woman great oral sex, including what not to do, visit this Helpful Site!

Giving a woman pleasure orally, shouldn't be this difficult. You can become better in bed and give her plenty of mind blowing orgasms. If you want to become the best lover she has ever had then you need to learn the secret today so you can use it tonight.

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