31 December 2016

Exercise: Can Someone Become Addicted To Exercise When They Can't Regulate Their Emotions?

By Oliver JR Cooper

In order for someone to be able to function at their best, there are a number of things that can do done. For one thing, it will be important for them to eat the right food, and what is right for them won't necessarily be right for another.

And if one doesn't know what is right for them, they will only need to reach out for help. In today's world, one will only have to go online, and if they don't find what they need, they can simply ask an expert.


Another thing that will need to take place is for one to be around the right people, or else this will be an area of their life that will cause them unnecessary stress. For example, if one was to spend time around people who are abusive, this would undoubtedly harm them.

There would be the stress that they experience around these people, and they might even be physically harmed. It would then be a challenge for them to feel good about themselves.

Worn Down

And if one feels this way, it is going to make their life harder than it needs to be. The people in their life should have a positive effect on how they feel, and give them the support they need.

When this takes place, not only will one feel supported; they will also have people to look to if they fall down. Ultimately one is not their own island, and this is why they need to have these kinds of people in their life.

The Body

Along with this, it will be vital for one to find the time to give their body the exercise that it needs. And in the same way there is not a one size fits all diet; there is not going to be a set routine for them to do.

Firstly, one will need to find something that suits their needs, and this shouldn't take very long. As although they could join a gym, they could find that this is not something that interests them.


If they were to do this, they could end up feeling like a robot, and this would make it hard for them to be consistent. It might be far better for them to do some one kind of class, or to do something outside.
Through doing this, they could soon find that they have found something that fits their personality. Yet even if they were to get to a stage where they have had enough, they could just find something else.


Also, if one doesn't want to do this all by themselves, they could end up working with a personal trainer. Naturally, this will cost them more money, but it will also save them a lot of time and stress.
Perhaps one could have one in the beginning and once they get an idea of what to do, they could do it by themselves. Or, they could see them every now and then, and this will more affordable for them.


Before long, one could find that they start to feel better about themselves, and this will partly be due to the chemicals that are released when they exercise. The effect this has on their appearance will be another factor that will play a part.

There can then be the kind of things that their friends and family will say to them, and the responses they get from the people they don't know. If one is in a relationship, their partner is also likely to appreciate the effort they are putting in.

Another Experience

Alternatively, one could be single, and they might start to see that people respond to them differently. One could go from feeling as though no one notices them, to feeling as though they stand out.
But regardless of whether they are single or not, there is a strong chance that this feedback will give them even more encouragement to continue. Yet, even if they didn't receive this kind of feedback from others, the effect the exercise it has on how they feel is likely to be more than enough to keep them going.


However, while this could be something that is just another part of their life, it could end up taking over. One could find that they no longer have time to go out, or that the amount of money they spend exercising means that they can't go out.

In addition to this, they could find that they start to pick up a number of injuries, and this is naturally going to cause them to suffer. It could then be said that it would be a good idea for them to take a step back and to reflect on what is taking place.

Emotionally Dependent

Even so, one could find that they are unable to do this, and this could show is that exercise is a way for them to regulate how they feel. Through being unable to handle what is taking place within them, they end up mistreating their body to change how they feel.

And while the people around them might soon notice that something isn't right if they were addicted to something else, this is something that can end up going unnoticed. What this comes down to is that exercise is generally seen as something positive.


The only way this is going to change is if one is able to deal with their emotions in another way, or if they were to cause their body so much harm that they can no longer exercise. Thus, the sooner they do something about this, the sooner they will be able to give their body the respect it deserves.
It might be a good idea for one to work with a therapist, or they could find another way to change how they feel.

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