28 December 2016

Do You Make These Mistakes When Doing Lunges?


By Beverleigh H Piepers

Lunges are a very popular commonly performed lower body exercise and for a good reason - they are perfect for developing your lower body strength, for improving your core strength, and for giving you a great cardiovascular workout as well.

Lunges are ideal for those who want to get fit in a short period while still ensuring they are getting a strong strength training stimulus. Many people do unfortunately make a few mistakes when performing lunges that can prevent them from seeing the best results.

Let's look at what a few of these errors are so you can be sure to avoid them...
1. Leaning Too Far Forward. Perhaps the most common mistake is leaning too far forward. Do this, and you are going to place excess stress on your spine, putting yourself at risk for acute back pain. You want to keep your upper body upright and even think of slightly leaning back to ensure you are upright. Leaning back will make sure you are putting more emphasis on your glute and hamstring muscles.

2. Not Adjusting Your Foot Stance Based On Your Goal. It is also critical for you to change your stance. You will find the closer your feet are, the more quad dominant this exercise will be. The larger the step you take, the more hamstring focus you will get. Adjust accordingly.

3. Looking Down. Another error is looking down while making lunges. Looking down goes hand in hand with leaning too far forward as often one causes the other.

You will need to keep your head upright and facing forward at all times. Facing forward will go a long way towards keeping your back in the upright position.

4. Not Lowering All The Way To The Bottom. Finally, the last mistake to avoid is not lowering yourself all the way down into the exercise. You want to get the full range of motion to ensure you are working your muscles adequately the entire way through the lunge movement.

If you just lower partway down, you will only reap half the benefits. If you are going to do this exercise, be sure to do it right so you can gain all the strength and cardiovascular benefits it has to offer.

There you have the key points to remember regarding lunges. If you make sure to side-step these critical errors, you can be certain you are on track to success.

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