04 November 2016

Get In Touch With Underrated Massage Benefits

By Anna Woodward

A massage is frequently given as a gift, implying that it is an extravagance that you wouldn't buy for yourself. However, while certain health benefits of massages are well known, recent studies and improving techniques show it's more of a holistic health experience than a luxury. Additionally, they are the perfect mental and physical relaxers to combat modern and stressful lifestyles. Here are just some of the benefits that can be expected alongside a soothing, professional massage.

1) Most individuals work at a desk, meaning that they sit for the majority of the day. Without constant vigilance, this often results in poor posture and back pain. A massage works to reduce this pain and even counteract the warping that the back and spine endure. Back stress can manifest itself in the shoulders, along the spine, or in the lower back, yet all of these can be addressed with different physical therapies.

2) Between work, picking up kids, heaving heavy backpacks, and other physical demands, almost every adult is familiar with areas of pain and soreness that slowly set in. These knots of pain are hard to pinpoint and are even harder to solve, especially without the consultation of a professional. A masseuse has the techniques to get deep into a muscle, relieve tightness, and realign the back. Furthermore, a massage improves circulation and blood flow, which is proven to reduce pain.

3) Studies have shown that human touch, in a friendly and safe setting, is naturally relaxing and stress reducing. With a massage, oils and soothing sounds are used to amplify this effect. It offers a break from the loud, hectic routine of work and family, which is something that everyone deserves to indulge in. This also allows time for you to focus on yourself and well-being, which helps reduce anger, depression, and anxiety.

4) Regular massage appointments result in easier births for mothers. Even after birth they help babies and mothers alike find sleep, a precious commodity for any new parent. This also applies to those who struggle to sleep due to chronic pain, stress, or other medical reasons. Additionally, the entire massage experience is a welcome mental departure for mothers who rarely get time to themselves, and whose bodies are still recovering from childbirth.

5) Athletes know the benefits as they recover from injuries. It is an important part of many rehabilitation regimes that aim to restore full feeling and ability back to a body part. Even without an injury, it is increasingly used to help prepare for rigorous sporting events and prevent injuries or muscle fatigue from initially occurring. After a game trainers use massages to keep the athlete's muscles from tightening up, and to certify a quick turnaround. Even casual athletes and joggers can use the benefits of a rub down, especially when done by a professional in a relaxing environment.

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