14 October 2016

How To Avoid Logical Traps And Prevent Mental Illnesses

By Christina Sponias

Dreams are warnings, lessons, information about hidden dangers, and future predictions that try to protect our conscience from the attacks of our anti-conscience.

We must identify ourselves with the conscious human being created by God in our satanic brain.

Our human conscience disagrees with the intention of the demon, since we don't want to live in terror. We want to find happiness and we want to be good.

However, our conscience believes that we can be happy when we mix what is good with what is bad, what is a huge mistake. This is why our anti-conscience easily misleads our ignorant, deficient, and idiotic conscience with its logical traps.

In order to avoid falling into numerous traps we have to follow God's guidance in our dreams and respect our religion.

God gave us scientific knowledge in order to be able to explain why our reality is so dangerous and how we can protect our conscience.

Many people seem to be good because they have a strong conscience and their anti-conscience is buried in the depth of their psyche. They had a good education and they didn't have traumatic experiences. They have everything they need and a good social position.

They are protected. Their ego is satisfied. So, they are satisfied. In this situation, they seem to be human beings.

However, those who live in poverty and have serious traumatic experiences acquire a severe mental illness like multiple personality disorder and one of their personalities becomes a murderer, while the other ones ignore what it does.

How can someone kill another person? This is not a simple matter, especially because they have to hide their crime.

This is not a problem when we are controlled by our anti-conscience, since it works like a professional murderer. It knows how to kill its victims and hide their bodies. It does everything the right way from the beginning to the end because it is a vampire.

God created many wild animals that imitate the cruel behavior of our anti-conscience to show us how terrible violence is, but we are indifferent to this fact because we have a satanic nature. We believe that this is how everything must be, without being intrigued with the cruel battle for survival in our planet, where one animal kills another.

Whenever someone is completely controlled by their anti-conscience they automatically have the behavior of a cruel murderer.

Until today we believed that only some people were mentally ill, but today we know that this is not true. Everyone is mentally ill from birth because everyone inherits craziness into the biggest part of their brain.

Some people have a stronger conscience and good life conditions, and this is why they seem to be reasonable according to the judgment of the ignorant population of the barbarous modern civilization.

However, even those who seem to be almost saints fail when they are tested. If they will fall in love with a married person, or if they will have the chance to steal a lot of money without being discovered they will forget their moral principles and have the cruel behavior of a demon.

A person can seem to be good for years and years, until a fatal event will change their personality. Their anti-conscience will take advantage of this event to influence their decisions.

The elimination of the anti-conscience is indispensable, either someone has mental health problems or not. Nobody knows when they will be tested, and everyone is tested at a certain point because we are here in order to be transformed into true human beings.

We must prove that we really are human when we will be tested in order to eliminate Satan and attain higher consciousness.

However, our anti-conscience never stops trying to imprison our conscience into its logical traps.

This is why we must learn how to avoid all traps through dream translation, until we will completely eliminate our satanic anti-conscience and attain sanctity. In the beginning this is hard, but it becomes easier with practice.

At least we have this solution.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.
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