22 September 2016

Five Types of Urinary Incontinence: Is the One You Have Treatable?

By Suzanne Andrews

It's not exactly dinner conversation, but urinary incontinence is a serious matter and disrupts millions of lives - both women and men. It can make you not want to go out because you're always looking for a bathroom. It disrupts sleep, causes skin irritations and even falls from rushing to the bathroom. Find out if the kind you have is treatable.

1. Urge Incontinence: you have this if you have involuntary large leaks at unexpected times, including sleep. You also have a strong urgency to void. This can be treated naturally, providing you don't have a neurological condition like dementia, multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injuries.

2. Stress Incontinence: if you leak small amounts of urine when you cough, sneeze, laugh or jump you have stress incontinence. (Very treatable without drugs or surgery provided you don't have a neurological condition as mentioned above). The most common causes are:

• Weak pelvic floor musculature.
• Pregnancy

3. Mixed Incontinence: if you have a combination of urge and stress you have mixed incontinence.

Most common causes are:
• Disuse atrophy of the uro-genital anatomy (weak pelvic floor muscles).
• Sedentary lifestyle.
• Non specific engagement of muscle innervation. (Not doing specific exercises correctly for this area). This is highly treatable without drugs or surgery.

4. Overflow Incontinence: Sudden leaking because of a full bladder. This happens without physical movement. Causes are:

• Fecal Impaction - dry stool that cannot pass out of the body. Caution - this can cause death so see your doctor immediately if you suspect this!

• Weak Detrusor Muscle: ( A muscle that forms the wall of the bladder). Highly treatable with at home natural methods!

5. Functional Incontinence: Leakage due to inability to reach a toilet because of physical disabilities and/or dementia and traumatic brain injuries. This type is not treatable. When a patient has functional incontinence, they are the ones who need adult diapers and pads.

One of the unknown risks of urinary incontinence are falls from rushing to the bathroom and or falling on urine leaks. According to Pub Med, "Urinary frequency, nocturia, and rushing to the bathroom to avoid urge incontinent episodes most likely increase the risk of falling, which then results in fractures. Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment of urge incontinence may decrease the risk of fracture."

As a rehab clinician, I always urge my patients to seek immediate treatment because the complications from urinary incontinence can result in life-threatening injuries.

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