26 July 2012

Choosing a Personal Trainer Over Cellulite Creams For Weight Loss

By Dan Clay

Losing weight and staying fit are raging concerns among the youth of today. There are several alternatives that can help you in losing weight. Choosing a personal trainer could be one such alternative that has proved to be effective in plenty of cases. Other relatively easy methods like applying cellulite creams are also being adopted by many. However, they are known to have their own disadvantages and side effects.

Cellulite creams are targeted specifically towards reducing cellulite depositions. Cellulite is manifestations of fat accumulated below the dermis and epidermis, which are layers of the skin. They are stubborn lumps and are not easy to do away with. The biggest disadvantage of cellulite creams is their effectiveness and efficiency. Very few of the available variants of cellulite creams in the market actually work. You need to make an informed choice.

Alternatively when you hire a personal trainer, exercise and physical activities are the prime areas of focus. If the trainer is an expert, sustainable results can be visible in a few days. Physical exercise will improve your agility considerably. A good workout under the supervision of a certified personal trainer will enhance your blood circulation and subsequently rejuvenate your muscles and joints. Naturally, it's wiser to invest in a trainer rather than spending on a cream which may or may not work.

Some cellulite creams have a sticky consistency. Applying these can be truly uncomfortable. Moreover because they are sticky, they do not get absorbed easily. This automatically reduces the efficiency of the product. In addition to this, some of these creams also have a strong odour which might not be very pleasing. It's not only the person who uses it who is affected, but people around him might also find it equally displeasing. Surely, you wouldn't want to be in an embarrassing position like this one.

In contrast to such superficial products, a good session with a trainer not only helps in reducing weight but can also helps you in learning a lot about fitness and health. When you hire a personal trainer, he sets an example and motivates you to stretch yourself beyond your limits. This enhances your stamina a great deal and improves your goal orientation as well. These are qualities which once inculcated, remains with you for life.

Your trainer could also make your exercise regime interesting by introducing variations to cut boredom. With his assistance, your workout session will be transformed into an enjoyable way of losing weight and staying fit.

Cellulite creams could also prove hazardous to many. Many of its ingredients could prove allergic and result in itchy skin and rashes. This would naturally lead to forceful discontinuation. Some of these creams are mighty expensive as well. Hiring a personal trainer can also prove to be a costly affair, but the results too are satisfying enough to justify the costs. It's always better to adopt natural and sustainable methods of weight loss rather than opting for superficial ones that may have negative impact on your system.

Dan Clay is a Sydney personal trainer. If you would like to sign up for a Personal Trainer North Shore, visit Personal Trainers Sydney.

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